Magnificat III Logo

The Logo

The logo celebrates the enduring legacy of Filipino Catholicism. It’s vibrant design tells a story of devotion, history, and the Virgin Mary’s enduring presence in our culture.

m3 logo

1. Boat Gracefeully Navigating Waves – It represents the arrival of Christianity in the Philippines and the enduring spirit of faith that has shaped the nation’s journey.

2. Virgin Mary – It radiates love and devotion, reflecting the deep reverence Filipinos hold for her. Her presence serves as a reminder of the bond between the faithful and their spiritual guide.

3. Waves – It carries the weight of history and time, signifying the contiuous flow of events that have shaped the Filipino experience.

4. Cross – It stands tall as an emblem of Christianity, underscoring its foundational role in Filipino cultural identity.

5. Seven Beads – Hovering above Mary, it represent the seven joys and sorrows of the Virgin Mary, a poignant reflection of the highs and lows of human experience.

jolo petil

The Creator

Mr. Jolo Petil

This inspiring logo was designed by a talented artist whose work beautifully expresses the depth of Filipino Catholic devotion. His previous creations, including the Nazareno 2024 and National Vocation Festival 2024, showcase his ability to weave faith, symbolism, and cultural heritage into visually stunning designs.

Mr. Petil’s art resonates deeply with the faithful. His work masterfully b lends tradition with an emotional touch, creating pieces that truly speak to the heart.

The Theme

Magnificat III: A Tapestry of Grace - Mary in Art, Culture and Devotion

celebrates the many ways Mary is woven into the rich fabric of Filipino Catholicism. Our Grand Marian Exhibit and Procession enriches further how Mary is depicted in artwork, honored in our cultural traditions, and inspires personal devotion. The beautiful logo reflects the very essence of the exhibit.

Just as the exhibit explores the mmultitude of ways Filipinos connect with Mary, the logo features symbols that resonate with our faith.